Fire Drill

A house near us caught fire a week or so ago; it was the second time in seven years that the house had burned down. The other day, a fire truck raced by our house – the Minnow and I saw it while we were out for a walk. Now, the second event isn’t all that remarkable. After all, we live right around the corner from a fire station. The house burning down … now that’s remarkable (and suspicious, but that’s not my issue). Add to that, the commercials saying that not being ready isn’t a readiness plan, and the Angelfish decided that it was time for a fire drill. Continue reading Fire Drill

A serious discussion about Toys R Us, approriateness, and parenting

I wrote about a Florida Mom who wanted Toys R Us to pull Breaking Bad action figures from its shelves; she argued that the toys are inappropriate for children and therefore shouldn’t be sold. Her petition reached 9,000 signatures, and the retailer gave in. The toys, it announced, were on “indefinite sabbatical.” Aaron Paul, an actor from Breaking Bad, responded quickly and with force – much moreso than his costar had. He supported a counter-petition which has far exceeded the number of signatures that the original one received. This argument goes back and forth. Continue reading A serious discussion about Toys R Us, approriateness, and parenting

I don’t do “Baby”

I was in law school when the Guppy was an infant. I would read to her from my tax law textbook. Surprising no one, tax law decisions were particularly good at getting her to sleep. The Angelfish sang lullabies to her, including some song from The Little Mermaid. I sang “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby” by Counting Crows and “Rock Me to Sleep” by Jill Sobule. That’s what I knew.
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