Update on First Fire of the Season

This post updates the story from here.

We had two trucks arrive, along with a neighbor who didn’t drive to the station first. We also had a neighbor from across the street come over to make sure that we were okay and offer to let us stay there if we needed. We thanked him but declined – the kids were asleep and we didn’t feel it necessary to wake them up yet.

It turned out that they could not find any carbon monoxide, but the CO monitor continued to signal, even though they reset it again. The firemen took it out and we will need to replace it again.

They were all very friendly, and under better circumstances, it would have been great to meet them. We’re all fine but it was a scary experience.

Today I am Thankful For …

  • The ability to hold my children, and tell them that I love them.
  • The fact that we have enough food, and a warm house.
  • Quiet nights at home, watching movies with the Guppy.
  • Sharing my love of music with the Clownfish.
  • And my love of good food with the Angelfish.
  • This blog, which lets me share my writing and my family with all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy it. Please feel free tos hare what you’re thankful for in the comments.