Around the Web, February 21-27

Dashboard Dad writes a beautiful piece that escapes description. All I can say is it is a wonderful ode to someone with non-verbal autism.

The Good Men Project looks at why we discourage boys from having emotional friendships.

Make Your Own Damn Dinner listed 10 ways in which she is ruining her childrens’ lives. I have about 5 of those things on my list also.

Underdaddy’s tribute to Oren Miller, a long-time dad blogger who announced this week that he is now at the end of his life. There were too many tributes to link to, so I picked this one.

RIP Leonard Nemoy.

Hamden CT memories/Lender’s Bagels

I am a bagel snob. This is the natural result of living on Long Island for most of my life. Unless I am in dire straits, I do not touch the Lender’s bagels that they serve in the frozen section of the grocery store. Those, to me, are not bagels. And yet, whenever I pass that aisle, I look for them, and smile. As much as I won’t eat the bagels, I have fond memories of them. I do love Lender’s. Continue reading Hamden CT memories/Lender’s Bagels

Snarky Summary Sunday: Micky Mouse Clubhouse (S2E16) Mickey’s Big Job

It’s time for another Snarky Summary Sunday. This time, Mickey Mouse and Friends get a visit from Willie the Giant. Willie is off to visit his mother and needs his chores done. Would Mickey mind giving up all of his plans for the day in order to handle them? Of course not says Mickey the sap. But first, we need to check out the all-knowing Mousekadooer and find out what tools we’ll need to do the job.

So let’s be clear here. The computer knows exactly what will happen, but instead of telling anyone, it just gives them random tools. I mean, who carries a slide with them normally?

So what is the first chore that Willy has for our intrepid helpers? Clean his room. That’s right, farm chore #1 isn’t milk the cows, or pick carrots; it’s clean the giant’s huge room. And they do it! Saps.

They then water some giant plants and feed some giant chickens. Somehow, Mickey knows that they need to hurry because Willy the Giant is on his way back. They need to get done before Willy gets back because otherwise, he’ll be pissed. Now the last thing you want is an angry giant (I’ve seen Into the Woods and know how that turns out), but you’re doing him a favor. So come on.

But they do get everything done. Willy gets home, inspects their work, and decides that everything is complete to his satisfaction. And how does he thank his six friends? He gives them a cookie. Not one cookie each; ONE FRACKING COOKIE. TO SHARE. That’s gratitude for you.

Justin Answers Spammers

I made a mistake. I published a spam comment in a post, because it was funny. It seems to have encouraged additional spam on the blog (or I’ve gotten more popular – go me). Some of them ask questions, and, while I won’t publish the comments, I do want to answer some of the questions. So here is the first edition of “Justin Answers Spammers’ Questions”. Continue reading Justin Answers Spammers

Stop telling my daughter she should be a model

Guppy is pretty, cute, adorable, pick whichever adjective you like. This is not just the proud father talking; a large number of people have told us how beautiful she is. The fact of the matter is that I don’t care about that – I care that she’s healthy and happy. More importantly, her beauty is not her most important quality. Let’s stop telling her that it is. Continue reading Stop telling my daughter she should be a model