Blame the Mother?

A small child got away from his mother, and fell into a gorilla enclosure. The gorilla was killed, the boy was saved, and everyone blamed the parents. A small child was wading in the water in Florida, an alligator came and attacked him, dragging him underwater, and the boy died. And everyone blamed the parents. We used to have solidarity, backing each other up. Now we have social media, and it is very easy to hit send, and trash everyone else.

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Guppy and Star Wars

Slowly but surely (and with a few technical hiccups), Guppy and I are watching Star Wars (Machete order, ignoring Episode 1 for now). It is a little strange for her to watch the movies though because it is not her first exposure to the series. She plays Star Wars with her friends at school, who have told her the stories. The other night, she bought Star Wars Stories in Five Minutes from the bookstore. She knows what is going to happen (at least in broad strokes). Continue reading Guppy and Star Wars