A Busy Day

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I like to think that I am a pretty sane individual. Well, relatively speaking, of course. Angelfish is generally pretty well-put together in that regard as well. We do a good job of planning an appropriate amount of activities, but we don’t generally over schedule our days. Until Saturday. On Saturday, we over exerted ourselves by just a little bit. It was fun, but it was a busy day.

First, the background. Angelfish was away in Miami for work. She was set to return home on Friday. We decided that, instead of her coming back here, I would hop into the car with the kids, and meet her in Princeton, NJ. She landed in Philadelphia, and we drove from our house, on Friday night (Guppy, Minnow, and I were headed to Princeton, with a detour to drop Clownfish off at her mother’s house). My plan was simple – drive to New Brunswick and stop at Cici’s Pizza buffet (only the finest for my children) and then reach Princeton, check in, and put the kids to bed. Oops.

I didn’t plan on traffic. Or needing gas (I was using Angelfish’s car, which is a Pilot and which has significantly more trunk space than my Saturn Ion). Or the stops to the bathroom. Or more traffic. Or more traffic. Or, oh my god, why is there so much traffic?

Minnow finally fell asleep, so we blew past Cici’s and went on to Princeton. We would find food there, with Angelfish, who had landed and was on her way to the hotel. We got there around 9pm, went to Ruby Tuesday’s and finally got to bed around 11pm.

Then we got up on Saturday at around 7am. At least, Minnow did, and he woke everyone else up, loudly. There were guests at other hotels who heard him. So we put on Disney Channel and tried to get back to sleep, but we had mixed results. So we got ready to go, and left at about 9 AM for our first stop – Wawa. There, we picked up breakfast and lunch, and went on to stop #2 – Sesame Place.

We love Sesame Place. Well, I think it’s a really good time. The kids always enjoy it as well. We went because we had a free day, and the Halloween event is always a good time. This was no different; we got there as soon as the park opened, went on some rides before the lines got too long, and then went to see two shows. I appreciate that they added new rides for Halloween, taking some of the space usually occupied by water attractions. Sesame Place lets you bring your own lunch in, and I recommend doing that because a) the food is expensive and b) the options are limited. Because it was such a beautiful day, the park filled around noon so after a late lunch, we left. So far, so good.

Then we were off to the orchards. Terhune Orchard, about 15 minutes away, has a fun fall festival which includes a corn maze and farm animals. Minnow loved the farm animals, until they got up next to him and looked at him. He ran away after that. It was crowded, but it was a good time – pumpkin painting, tractor rides, they got to do a lot. No Apple cider though, so I would call the entire day a failure.

Next (ha, you thought we were done?) we went to downtown Princeton and got ice cream. Because Angelfish went to Princeton University, she wanted to show Guppy the campus. We walked around and I reminded everyone that my alma mater (the University of Maryland, go Terps) has turtles, which means that we are significantly better. For some reason (academics) I don’t seem to be winning the argument. Then we had some great ice cream at about 6pm. Perfect end to the day? Not hardly.

Why didn’t we quit here? We were tired. My legs hurt. I just wanted to lay down in a bed, any bed. So of course, we went to the bookstore.

Barnes and Noble had a game night going on, so Guppy and I sat down to play a game called Onitama. I did not like this game one bit, and would never recommend it, and this opinion has nothing to do with the fact that she beat me twice. I don’t do well with chess, and this game has some similarities. It requires strategic thinking, and looking at the moves for both sides. She did really well, and I sucked. After the bookstore, we went for a quick dinner. We got back to the hotel around 9pm. Angelfish put Minnow right to bed, while Guppy and I sat in the lobby, reading. Well, she read. She was still full of energy. I sat in a chair contemplating why I couldn’t feel my legs anymore.

One activity per day is a really good idea. I’ll never let Angelfish plan a day trip again.

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