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Valentine’s Day Cruise

Sometimes it’s nice to get away. And being married to a travel agent has its perks – one of which was a decent rate on a weekend cruise out of NYC over Valentine’s Day weekend. So we packed up our bags, said “goodbye” to our kids, and got away for a weekend. This is Dad’s Night Out – Extended Edition: The Cruise to Nowhere! Continue reading Valentine’s Day Cruise

A night out with Dad

One thing that I got from my father is my love of Monty Python. We went to see Spamalot together, and when the opportunity arose for us to see Eric Idle’s new oratorio based upon the move, Life of Brian, we were both excited. What’s an oratorio, you might ask (don’t worry … I did). It’s a musical performance where a story is told, but the singers are not acting it out. Not the Messiah, He’s a Naughty Boy, was a parody of Handel’s Messiah (of which, the Hallelujah Chorus is the best-known part). Continue reading A night out with Dad