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Snarky Summary Sunday: Doc McStuffins S1E7 Ben-Anna Split; That’s Just Claw-ful

Ahh Doc McStuffins, you toy-fixing genius you. Again, you face two challenges to your abilities, skill, and brilliance. Today was an orthopedic day at the clinic that started when Ben and Anna, two monkeys who, like all great couples have a combo name – Banana. It’s not creative, but they came up with it. Alas, one of Ben’s “huggy patches” (a/k/a velcro) has come off of his hands. Whatever will they do?

Doc, and paste, to the rescue. She paints Ben’s hand. She places the patch back on. SUCCESS! Ben hugs Anna. But wait, no. The paste hasn’t dried yet. The hug fails. Ben tells Anna to go find a new hug partner. That’s not necessary, says Doc. She repastes the patch, wraps Bens hand, and makes him stay overnight. The next morning, he’s better, and Anna celebrates by hugging her brother.

Wait, her brother? Before we can explore this crazy incestuous hug-relationship, we move on to the next episode.

In the next episode, some crazy dog starts attacking Doc’s toys. Doc goes crazy, and tries to protect her toys. It’s no use though, because the dog gets a hold of her crab and buries him. She frees the crab, but his claw is separated. OH NOEZ! Whatever will we do?

Pop it back in. That’s not good enough though, because the crab can’t hold things. After talking it over with her mom, Doc realizes that Hermy needs physical therapy. A week of it should be sufficient. And yet, minutes later, when the dog enters the clinic, Hermy is flinging pencils at the invader. That’s some PT regime they’ve got in that clinic.

And as always, Doc has saved two more toys from the world.