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The worst weekend of the year

This weekend was the worst weekend of the year. It’s not that it was anything special, but for most people, it’s safe to say that the first weekend in January is sad. Guppy and Angelfish are doing okay and holding it together, but I know deep down that they’re both sad. After all, this weekend, we put our Christmas decorations away. Continue reading The worst weekend of the year

Tracking Santa

As Christmas Eve comes, a fun tradition begins – tracking Santa. While there are a number of websites that do it, there are two that, for my money, are the best.

The first is NORAD. That’s right, the US Government tracks Santa. Why? It’s all because of a typo. In 1955, Sears gave out a phone number so kids could call Santa. Except, the ad had the wrong number and connected to CONAD (NORAD’s predecessor). It wasn’t just any CONAD number … it was the Hotline. Luckily, the person answering the phone had a good sense of humor and started tracking Santa. You can access the NORAD Santa Tracker, which features Microsoft technologies, here.

The other big one is Google. As Guppy pointed out today, Google knows everything, so it would just fit that they can track Santa. No amazing story about how they started doing it, it was just one of those things. Google’s Santa Tracker is here.┬áIt also has games and activities.

If you use one, I would love to know which you prefer and why. Have another favorite? Let me know about it.

Christmas Traditions

Santa preparing for Christmas
Photo Credit: MikaelWiman via Compfight cc

When I was a kid, my Jewish family “celebrated” Christmas. It was when everyone could get off from work, so my grandparents would come down from Connecticut, and my uncle would fly in from California. We found it to be the best way to celebrate as a family, because it was when we could all get together. But we didn’t really have Christmas traditions. Later, we would, like most Jewish families, start going to the movies and a Chinese restaurant on Christmas day. Then I started dating Angelfish. Christmas became much more important. Continue reading Christmas Traditions

Guppy’s Advent Calendar

Several of the Advent Calendar buildings waiting to be stuffed with goodies.

As is the tradition in our family, the following set of events occurred: Angelfish decided that she didn’t want a store-bought Advent Calendar for Guppy. She decided instead that she would MAKE one. Having found the pattern that she wanted to use, she waited until my last day in the office to get the cardstock. She THEN waited until the 29th to start assembling everything. And of course, she enlisted my unwilling help – I ended up doing the lion’s share of the work. Continue reading Guppy’s Advent Calendar