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College Letters

When I first met Clownfish, she was a 5 year old, who I could convince of anything. (Fun fact: I had a goatee for a while, so I convinced her that I was raised by wolves. One night, I started howling at the moon. She ran away). She was innocent, and cute. She would listen to my stories, and … well she was a kid. She’s not that anymore though. She’s learning to drive (more on that in another post) and she’s getting college letters. My little girl is about to grow up.

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The Real Back to School Post

I had a little fun yesterday, comparing school with work, but let’s talk about back to school for real. This is a big year for school in our house – Clownfish is going to be a junior and that means that it will be her most important year in terms of preparing for college. Guppy is starting first grade at a new school – we put her in private school this year. Triggerfish is a senior, and we will be helping her apply to colleges this year. There is a lot going on, and I’m excited for it. Continue reading The Real Back to School Post