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Food Babe/Organic Food for Kids

The Food Babe, who peddles a certain brand of food awareness, is back in the news as yet another scientist has called her a fraud. Her theory, that you shouldn’t eat anything an 8 year old cannot pronounce, has resulted in Subway removing a bread softener from its recipe, and Starbucks’ beloved (by other people) Pumpkin Spice Latte coming under fire for … reasons. But is she right? And is organic food better for our kids? Continue reading Food Babe/Organic Food for Kids

NoseFrida review

Disclosure: I received a FridaBaby NoseFrida for purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

After I posted some complaints about the options for clearing out Minnow’s nose, a few people recommended the FridaBaby NoseFrida. So I looked into it – the premise is simple. You put the blue tube in the child’s nostril, and the red mouthpiece goes in your mouth. Then you suck the mucus out of the baby’s nose. Simple as … wait. I suck what out of where?
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