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Heard Around the House III

Guppy (coming out of the bathroom): Mommy, have you pulled yourself together?
[Back and forth between Angelfish and Guppy]
Guppy: No, I’m serious. Have you pulled yourself together?

Clownfish is mixing hot chocolate for Guppy. She didn’t find a mug, so she is using one of Guppy’s thermoses for school.
Guppy: NO! That’s the thermos that food goes in.
Clownfish: Well … drink it.

Guppy: I don’t want to go into the basement any more. Spiders live there.
Me: Don’t worry, there are spiders in your bedroom also.
Angelfish: you’re dealing with the nightmares.

Guppy (talking to her grandmother): I lost one of my Shopkins.
Grandmother: Well, where did you lose it?
Guppy: If I knew that, it wouldn’t be lost.

Clownfish: … I fluck the switch.
Me/Angelfish: You what?
Clownfish: Fluck. Flick, fluck.
Angelfish: The past tense of flick is flicked.