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I Hate Wounded Warrior Project

Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day when, in the US, we remember those who we sent overseas and who didn’t make it home. And recently, I have been asked to donate to no less than three different golf tournaments to benefit soldiers who are returning home and who need help – physical or mental care, homes, job training … the list goes on. And it has reached the point that I am tired of seeing it. Continue reading I Hate Wounded Warrior Project

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Guppy volunteered to make her mother breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. It’ll be easy, she figured. She had gotten a pancake mix from her most recent Foodstirs box, and she would just make that. Easy, peasy, and I would only need to help a little bit, making her mother’s tea and supervising. Maybe I would have to keep Minnow out of her way. She was going to make breakfast for her mother.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Continue reading Mother’s Day Breakfast

Valentine’s Day Cruise

Sometimes it’s nice to get away. And being married to a travel agent has its perks – one of which was a decent rate on a weekend cruise out of NYC over Valentine’s Day weekend. So we packed up our bags, said “goodbye” to our kids, and got away for a weekend. This is Dad’s Night Out – Extended Edition: The Cruise to Nowhere! Continue reading Valentine’s Day Cruise

The worst weekend of the year

This weekend was the worst weekend of the year. It’s not that it was anything special, but for most people, it’s safe to say that the first weekend in January is sad. Guppy and Angelfish are doing okay and holding it together, but I know deep down that they’re both sad. After all, this weekend, we put our Christmas decorations away. Continue reading The worst weekend of the year