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Things to Buy for the New Baby

Recently, I’ve seen quite a few baby announcements on Facebook. ┬áThese are generally accompanied by requests for feedback on things that you need for a new baby. I thought about it, gave my own advice and culled some from the things others have said, and put together this list. I have also linked to some products that I like on Amazon.

Nothing on this list was provided for review or other purposes. To the best of my knowledge, everything on this list was either bought by us or given to us as a gift by friends and family. Continue reading Things to Buy for the New Baby

Reading with Your Child

This is a big reading week here. On Tuesday, we had Multicultural Children’s Book Day. On Monday, Guppy’s school started Parents as Reading Partners, or PARP. Reading is important; it’s a basic life skill. Without the ability to read, you struggle with most basic tasks. Without the ability to read, many careers are blocked off. But it’s more than just teaching kids to read. Loving reading is important as well. I love books, and I want my children to as well. Continue reading Reading with Your Child

Today I am Thankful For …

  • The ability to hold my children, and tell them that I love them.
  • The fact that we have enough food, and a warm house.
  • Quiet nights at home, watching movies with the Guppy.
  • Sharing my love of music with the Clownfish.
  • And my love of good food with the Angelfish.
  • This blog, which lets me share my writing and my family with all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy it. Please feel free tos hare what you’re thankful for in the comments.