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Sesame Character Breakfast

Disclaimer: My family and I received complimentary entry to the Sesame Street Character Breakfast. This review is unbiased.

This post is part of the Beaches 2016 series. The full series is at the beaches 2016 tag.

Guppy loves meeting characters. She loves interacting with them, and giving them hugs. Even now, as she has moved on past the age where she like Sesame Street, she has been excited whenever we see Elmo (in particular) or another one of the Sesame Street characters. Minnow has been excited to see Elmo and the other characters around, but he’s not so sure about them coming closer to him. Both of them loved the Sesame Street Character breakfast at Beaches Turks & Caicos.

The breakfast is a basic buffet: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and baked beans(!). And the food is fine – nothing overly special, but nothing bad. That said, nobody goes to this event for the food. You won’t leave hungry, and that’s good enough. The real stars of the show, are the characters. In addition to Elmo, we had breakfast with Bert & Ernie, Big Bird, the Count, Oscar, Zoe, Abby, Cookie Monster, and Grover. They came around to every table and, in addition to posing for pictures, each character interacted with everyone at the table (and I do mean everyone). Ernie came over to our table and tried to feed Minnow (which didn’t go so well) and Guppy (who was much more interested in being spoon-fed eggs). Both of them gave me big hugs. Minnow did a bit better when some of the furrier characters came over (such as Zoe and Cookie Monster), letting us hold him for pictures, but he wasn’t quite ready to give hugs out to them.

However, that’s only part of the program. After everyone has had their chance to take pictures with the characters and to spend a little time with them, it becomes a dance party. The characters bring the kids out to dance to all of the same pop tunes that your kids know and love. Watching Cookie dance to Gangnam Style was probably one of the funniest moments of my vacation to that point.

While this is not the only time during our week that we would have a chance to see a character or two, or even take a couple of pictures, this was probably the best opportunity. All of the characters were in one place, and there was a lot of time and individual interaction. During other photo-taking times, such as at Camp Sesame, after shows, and in meetings around the property, there are usually more kids around and it is harder to get any real interaction beyond a quick hug and a photo. It’s not impossible, because we have managed it, but not in the same way that we were able to manage here. This was a great way to see everyone at once, and spend time with all of them.

One of my big knocks on events like this is usually that the kids have a great time but the parents are bored. That didn’t happen here, because even parents got involved when the characters got to them. If you think you can get away with us sitting there, expect Cookie or Ernie to come over and hug you.

In addition to each child getting to meet and take pictures with the characters in an up-close-and-personal environment, each child gets a cup with a Sesame Street finger puppet. The breakfast can be booked through the sales office either before you arrive or upon arrival, or through your travel agent.

Angelfish is a travel agent, and she would be happy to assist you in booking Beaches, Sandals, or many other vacations. Feel free to reach out to her at www.walkercruises.com

Family Getaway: Beaches Turks & Caicos

This is the first in a series of posts on a family trip to Beaches Turks & Caicos. To see all posts click on the beaches 2016 tag.

Because all of the local schools are closed for a week starting on President’s Day, we always look at this past week as a good vacation week.This year, we hopped on a plane, and dropped in on one of the more popular family resorts in the Caribbean: Beaches, Turks & Caicos. We weren’t alone; the resort was at capacity, and the most full it had ever been. A good half of the people there seemed to be from the same area as we are (the other half split between Boston, which also had off, and Canada). Did we have a good time? Yes. Will I now tell you about my thoughts on the hotel in excruciating detail? Of course.
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Vegas Dads Group

This post is part of the Active Dads series. To learn more about it, see this post. Want your group featured? Contact me at 1dadontheloose@gmail.com

1) Name of the group and contact information for interested dads

Our group is the Vegas Dads Group, located in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. http://www.vegasdadgroup.com

2) Is there any membership criteria?

Absolutely!  You must be a dad!

3) What kinds of activities does your group have?

We do activities during the week, like visiting play-places, parks, and playgrounds.  On weekends we try and plan family friendly meet-ups, like zoos, museums, and other events that are going on in our city.  Finally once a month we plan a “Dads Night Out”, to give fathers a chance to get out and socialize with  their fathering peers.

4) How does your group encourage fathers to take an active role in their children’s lives?

Most of our members are very hands on with their children.  If nothing else, we serve as a great example of what an active father is.  Anyone attending one of our weekly play groups will see fathers interacting positively with their children. They’ll hear the laughter, and the words of encouragement, and usually the only time you will see a cell phone out is when someone is using it to take a picture of his kids having such a great time. 

5) What are some goals for your group in the near future?

The biggest goal I have for our group is awareness.  We have almost 70 members now, which for a group that was born less than 2 years ago is great, but there are so many fathers in our community that could be a part of our clan better yet, should be.  I want our group to be a recognized name in the Las Vegas Valley.