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Kaepernick and September 11th

Colin Kaepernick has created a lot of controversy, because he has not stood at attention during the National Anthem. He is protesting the treatment of Blacks in this country, and police brutality. Unfortunately, his message has been lost, because everyone is upset that he dare protest during the National Anthem. It is worse now, because he may continue his protest during the national remembrance of September 11th. I think he should.

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Blame the Mother?

A small child got away from his mother, and fell into a gorilla enclosure. The gorilla was killed, the boy was saved, and everyone blamed the parents. A small child was wading in the water in Florida, an alligator came and attacked him, dragging him underwater, and the boy died. And everyone blamed the parents. We used to have solidarity, backing each other up. Now we have social media, and it is very easy to hit send, and trash everyone else.

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I Hate Wounded Warrior Project

Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day when, in the US, we remember those who we sent overseas and who didn’t make it home. And recently, I have been asked to donate to no less than three different golf tournaments to benefit soldiers who are returning home and who need help – physical or mental care, homes, job training … the list goes on. And it has reached the point that I am tired of seeing it. Continue reading I Hate Wounded Warrior Project