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iPads at the Restaurant

So this is a bit of a new one for me. We went out for lunch for Father’s Day and at the table next to us, there was a father, mother, grandmother, and young son (he looked to be about 3). The first thing they pull out is the iPhone and play some videos for him. Then out comes the iPad and a steady stream of YouTube videos. This is annoying but it’s not the new part. The new one for me was when the father pulled out his iPhone again and Facetimed someone else! Continue reading iPads at the Restaurant

Guppy Steals Angelfish’s Phone

Recently, I was at an early morning meeting (I go every Thursday and question why I get up to meet people at 7:00AM). My phone is turned off, for obvious reasons. As I walked out of the meeting, I saw that I had a voicemail and missed call (two actually) from Angelfish – or so I thought. I tried to call her back, and got her, as she was about to leave to take Guppy to school. She hadn’t called me. Guppy had; Guppy had stolen her phone. Continue reading Guppy Steals Angelfish’s Phone

Technology and Kids

I got my first cell phone – a Motorola flip phone with about 20 minutes per month, when I was 20. My parents decided that I needed one because I had an unreliable car and I drove on the NJ Turnpike between college and home. I got my first email address that could receive messages from beyond the AOL network when I was 18. I got a Facebook account when I was 24 or so, and looking to reconnect with some friends from college. Guppy wants all of these at 5. Continue reading Technology and Kids