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A Busy Day

I like to think that I am a pretty sane individual. Well, relatively speaking, of course. Angelfish is generally pretty well-put together in that regard as well. We do a good job of planning an appropriate amount of activities, but we don’t generally over schedule our days. Until Saturday. On Saturday, we over exerted ourselves by just a little bit. It was fun, but it was a busy day.

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Crosswords with kids

When we were out for Father’s Day, the restaurant had – like most of them do – a kid’s menu/placemat with activities.  This was not particularly different, and most of the activities were roughly the same as every other placemat. Except for one thing that was different. There was a crossword puzzle for parents and children to do together. It was great. Continue reading Crosswords with kids

Cooking British Dessert

Be very careful what you say when picking your daughter up from her girl scout troop. I learned this lesson when I accidentally volunteered us to cook a dessert for tonight’s “World Thinking Day,” when several girl scout troops get together. Each troop represents a different country and they do various things. Our troop has United Kingdom. We thought about making spotted dick, or treacle, or haggis. In the end, we made English Toffee. Continue reading Cooking British Dessert