A Busy Day

I like to think that I am a pretty sane individual. Well, relatively speaking, of course. Angelfish is generally pretty well-put together in that regard as well. We do a good job of planning an appropriate amount of activities, but we don’t generally over schedule our days. Until Saturday. On Saturday, we over exerted ourselves by just a little bit. It was fun, but it was a busy day.

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Kaepernick and September 11th

Colin Kaepernick has created a lot of controversy, because he has not stood at attention during the National Anthem. He is protesting the treatment of Blacks in this country, and police brutality. Unfortunately, his message has been lost, because everyone is upset that he dare protest during the National Anthem. It is worse now, because he may continue his protest during the national remembrance of September 11th. I think he should.

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