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Sunday Question: Guns and Children

It seems that every week, I hear a story about a child (more often than not a toddler or child under 5) shooting someone accidentally. The most recent one occurred in Albuquerque, and the toddler shot both parents with one bullet. It’s happened in Tulsa, where the mother died. ┬áIt happened in Indianapolis, where a child died. There’s even a blog (albeit a rarely-updated one) tracking these.

So we can’t deny that it’s happening. And for all of the discussion of “responsible gun owners,” and the steps that those responsible gun owners take, these people are probably not them.

So let’s talk about gun safety and children. How can we make guns safer? How can we teach these parents and grandparents to be more responsible? How can we solve this problem?

Let’s not make this a debate about guns in America. They are here, and they aren’t going anywhere. The solution isn’t to “take all guns off of the streets.” Assume that guns in general aren’t going anywhere. Now let’s keep kids alive.

Sunday Question – Deep Thoughts

On Wednesday, Clownfish and I went to dinner together, just the two of us. As we sat there eating our quasi-Mexican (Moe’s), we talked about death and whether I (or she) would want to know when we would die, or when/whether we would tell others. This led to a wide-ranging conversation about death and end-of-life issues. Truth be told, this is standard stuff for me (my day job – legal work – involves a lot of estate planning). It was a great conversation though, even though it was pretty heavy.

So let’s throw that out there. What’s the deepest, heaviest conversation you’ve had with your kids?

Sunday Question – Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving for me has been about more than just turkey and other food. It’s about spending time with family. When I was a kid, my immediate family would go up to my grandmother’s apartment in Hamden, CT. On Thanksgiving morning, we would go to a movie, or go duckpin bowling. Yes, it was intended as a move to get the kids out of the house, but it was a lot of fun. We would go out for breakfast on Friday. This was before Black Friday was really a thing, so sometimes we would go out shopping around noon.

These are the memories that I keep about Thanksgiving.

So tell me about your favorite traditions, either now, or from your own childhood. What did you love about Thanksgiving.