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Vegas Dads Group

This post is part of the Active Dads series. To learn more about it, see this post. Want your group featured? Contact me at 1dadontheloose@gmail.com

1) Name of the group and contact information for interested dads

Our group is the Vegas Dads Group, located in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. http://www.vegasdadgroup.com

2) Is there any membership criteria?

Absolutely!  You must be a dad!

3) What kinds of activities does your group have?

We do activities during the week, like visiting play-places, parks, and playgrounds.  On weekends we try and plan family friendly meet-ups, like zoos, museums, and other events that are going on in our city.  Finally once a month we plan a “Dads Night Out”, to give fathers a chance to get out and socialize with  their fathering peers.

4) How does your group encourage fathers to take an active role in their children’s lives?

Most of our members are very hands on with their children.  If nothing else, we serve as a great example of what an active father is.  Anyone attending one of our weekly play groups will see fathers interacting positively with their children. They’ll hear the laughter, and the words of encouragement, and usually the only time you will see a cell phone out is when someone is using it to take a picture of his kids having such a great time. 

5) What are some goals for your group in the near future?

The biggest goal I have for our group is awareness.  We have almost 70 members now, which for a group that was born less than 2 years ago is great, but there are so many fathers in our community that could be a part of our clan better yet, should be.  I want our group to be a recognized name in the Las Vegas Valley.