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Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Guppy, and Me

Guppy likes what she likes, which, if I am going to be honest, rarely overlaps with what I like. Our tastes are very different. She watches a lot of YouTube videos, listens to music that I simply cannot appreciate (because it sucks …it sucks so very much), and I like other things. There are a couple of TV shows that we have been able to share together though (such as Teen Titans Go). One of them is one from my childhood. It’s the Animaniacs, which may be the very best cartoon ever.

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College Letters

When I first met Clownfish, she was a 5 year old, who I could convince of anything. (Fun fact: I had a goatee for a while, so I convinced her that I was raised by wolves. One night, I started howling at the moon. She ran away). She was innocent, and cute. She would listen to my stories, and … well she was a kid. She’s not that anymore though. She’s learning to drive (more on that in another post) and she’s getting college letters. My little girl is about to grow up.

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