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Mother’s Day Breakfast

Guppy volunteered to make her mother breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. It’ll be easy, she figured. She had gotten a pancake mix from her most recent Foodstirs box, and she would just make that. Easy, peasy, and I would only need to help a little bit, making her mother’s tea and supervising. Maybe I would have to keep Minnow out of her way. She was going to make breakfast for her mother.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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iPads at the Restaurant

So this is a bit of a new one for me. We went out for lunch for Father’s Day and at the table next to us, there was a father, mother, grandmother, and young son (he looked to be about 3). The first thing they pull out is the iPhone and play some videos for him. Then out comes the iPad and a steady stream of YouTube videos. This is annoying but it’s not the new part. The new one for me was when the father pulled out his iPhone again and Facetimed someone else! Continue reading iPads at the Restaurant

Food Babe/Organic Food for Kids

The Food Babe, who peddles a certain brand of food awareness, is back in the news as yet another scientist has called her a fraud. Her theory, that you shouldn’t eat anything an 8 year old cannot pronounce, has resulted in Subway removing a bread softener from its recipe, and Starbucks’ beloved (by other people) Pumpkin Spice Latte coming under fire for … reasons. But is she right? And is organic food better for our kids? Continue reading Food Babe/Organic Food for Kids

Cooking British Dessert

Be very careful what you say when picking your daughter up from her girl scout troop. I learned this lesson when I accidentally volunteered us to cook a dessert for tonight’s “World Thinking Day,” when several girl scout troops get together. Each troop represents a different country and they do various things. Our troop has United Kingdom. We thought about making spotted dick, or treacle, or haggis. In the end, we made English Toffee. Continue reading Cooking British Dessert

Hamden CT memories/Lender’s Bagels

I am a bagel snob. This is the natural result of living on Long Island for most of my life. Unless I am in dire straits, I do not touch the Lender’s bagels that they serve in the frozen section of the grocery store. Those, to me, are not bagels. And yet, whenever I pass that aisle, I look for them, and smile. As much as I won’t eat the bagels, I have fond memories of them. I do love Lender’s. Continue reading Hamden CT memories/Lender’s Bagels