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Kaepernick and September 11th

Colin Kaepernick has created a lot of controversy, because he has not stood at attention during the National Anthem. He is protesting the treatment of Blacks in this country, and police brutality. Unfortunately, his message has been lost, because everyone is upset that he dare protest during the National Anthem. It is worse now, because he may continue his protest during the national remembrance of September 11th. I think he should.

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Tamir Rice

Today’s post was about to be about Legoland. Instead, I am back to writing about the killing of black youth. But let’s start with a very important point: the Grand Jury was never going to indict the officers. How do I know? Because the prosecutor, Timothy McGinty, recommended against indictment. He used the justice system, manipulated the grand jury, and got the result that he wanted, able to pin the blame on people who quite literally relied upon him for legal advice. The man is a fraud, a liar, and when he asks the community to “respect the process,” shows utter disrespect for both the citizens he is sworn to serve and the process as well.

And that’s not the most contemptible thing that he said. He tells us that he told Tamir’s mother before making the public announcement, and “she was broken up”. No shit, jackass. You just told her that the killer of her son was going to suffer no legal consequence. Did you also tell her that you thought that it was the right decision? Did you tell her that it was the decision that you recommended? He called it “a tough conversation.” I call him a jackass and a discredit to the bar.

why am I surprised? His constituents weren’t. They expected this. The Black community of Cleveland watched him defend the officers. Tamir Rice was tall; he seemed like he was older than 12. He wore a men’s XL jacket. It’s perfectly logical that the officers thought that he was a threat. They had no way of knowing that the gun was a toy.

Timothy McGinty, you should be ashamed of yourself. You failed your community and your position. You make me sick.

On Marriage, Family, and the Rule of Law

“Marriage is one of the ‘basic civil rights of man,’ fundamental to our very existence and survival[,]” reads the opinion issued by the Supreme Court of the United States. “[T]he freedom to marry, or not marry, … resides with the individual, and cannot be infringed by the State[,]” it concludes. However, these are not the words of Anthony Kennedy, in the Same Sex Marriage decision issued on June 26, but of Chief Justice Earl Warren for a unanimous court in Loving v. Virginia. Like Obergefell, this decision came out in June, but it was on June 12, 1967. Like Obergefell, it would overturn state bans on marriage. This case overturned bans on interracial marriage that existed in 18 states. But for this case, my family could not exist.
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Standing Up For You – A Letter to Minnow

Dear Minnow,

As will sometimes happen, I let you down last Sunday. We were at Guppy’s friend’s birthday party and you had fallen asleep. I was having a conversation with someone who identified as a cop. He explained how if one group of people (he called them “green people” so he could avoid calling them Black) committed 80% of the crimes, then they should be looked at as more likely to commit crimes. He talked about how lenient the system was for minorities compared to whites because no one wanted to be called a racist. He pontificated on how cops only arrested people when they saw a crime being committed, and how policies like stop and frisk were really good things. Continue reading Standing Up For You – A Letter to Minnow