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Just Say Sorry

We took Guppy and Minnow to a carnival that one of the local camps was hosting. It was a pretty good time, and there was a cute bounce activity that was supposed to be like “Hungry Hungry Hippo.” This part, however, wasn’t very well-supervised, and four other kids got on with her (there were only four slots). They all started throwing balls around and one threw one right at Guppy, hitting her on the head. This little girl’s mother, and her friend, were standing at the side, and saw it happen … Then they laughed. Guppy wasn’t hurt, but it was something that she knew was very rude.

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Food Babe/Organic Food for Kids

The Food Babe, who peddles a certain brand of food awareness, is back in the news as yet another scientist has called her a fraud. Her theory, that you shouldn’t eat anything an 8 year old cannot pronounce, has resulted in Subway removing a bread softener from its recipe, and Starbucks’ beloved (by other people) Pumpkin Spice Latte coming under fire for … reasons. But is she right? And is organic food better for our kids? Continue reading Food Babe/Organic Food for Kids